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Starting Your Page
The first step in creating a homepage is to get an email address. Presumably, if you can get online, you already have an email address. However, if you share it, or want a different one anyway, there are various places to get email addresses.

Mariko-chan's Favorite Email Servers:
Get a Free E-Mail Address
Get a free email address- ""
Get your Own E-Mail service

Another option, if you have an email address but don't like it, if forwarding. There are millions of places where you can get email forwarded, but here's
Mariko-chan's Favorite Forwarding Service:

The second step is to actually get a page! There are many places on the web where you can get a free homepage, and you can probably also get one from your ISP. Particularly, I know Earthlink and AOL offer pages but I've never used either editor.

Mariko-chan's Favorite Editors:
Tripod. 11 MB
GeoCities. 11 MB

Some Others:
Angelfire. 5 MB
Xoom. 11 MB
FortuneCity. 20 MB

If you want to know why I think some of these are better than others, feel free to mail me.