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Be Original!
It's always important to be original, or at least comprehensive. There are many anime otaku out there, and likewise there are many anime pages. You won't get lots of visitors or lots of awards if you put up a couple of images and rave about how much you love anime in general.

Some Ways To Be Original:

The look of your page. Color schemes are always important. Mastering HTML is a must. Don't make your page shocking. I've seen lots of pages will pink backgrounds, neon green text, and yellow links, with pictures thrown all around, and large, blinking text. No one wants to see a page like that. Simple is often better, too many images will make a slow-loading page. And position them well, please! You want to be original, but not by making an ugly page.

The theme of your page. There are many pages out there with identical information. I've noticed this a lot with Fushigi Yuugi pages; sometimes they consist of character profiles and the same pictures everyone else has. Here's where comprehensive comes in: if you don't have any good ideas, put as much information on your page as possible and people will come. On the other hand, it's always fun to see a novel site. Fan clubs are very popular, and no matter how many there are people always want to join another. Try a character-specific, series-specific, or group club. No matter how you do it, there are lots of fans. Or, try a fanfic or fanart site. What you draw or write is never like anyone else's, so it's always different, and galleries or other things of the sort are popular from what I've seen.

The content of your page. I kind of got in to this in the paragraph above, as well as the "Choose Your Topic" page(sorry, I tend to ramble sometimes). So go ahead and read those!